About Me

I am eternal trainee of life that works over 10 years ago in technology area, with focus in engineering and architecture of software and with specialization in financial systems and DevOps, moreover speaker around the world, always receiving and sharing the knowledge with wisdom.

Today I’m heavy user of PHP and Golang, but, I’m open to all technologies, because is as I speak, “Senior IT professionals solves the problems using technology”.


Today I’m one of evangelist at PHPMG, but I love to interact with other IT communities, then I participate in PHPSP, PHPRio, PHP com Rapadura, PHPWomenBR, DevOpsBH, GoBH, Darkmira Tour PHP, and others.

Always as possible, I’m in community, then this is my invite to you, always as possible, participate in IT communities too, you can help with participating in chat, open discuss, helping other participants, this help communities, but help you too, because these environments is full of knowledge.

Why “RedRat”?

My full name is Joubert Guimarães de Assis, then RedRat isn’t my surname or lastname, but in internet I use RedRat and a lot of people ask me “why RedRat”?

RedRat is my nickname that I use alone or after my first name and this nick have a really good (or strange) explanation.

RedRat is a mix of 3 explanations that complements itself.