So, I work with technology as Software Engineer and/or DevOps, fortunately, in this area we have good salaries comparated to other areas and this is good.

But, unfortunately, a lot of people around the world doesn’t have this opportunity, then I help with all things as possible, with donations or social jobs for example (I’m cosplayer, then I do social jobs using Capitain America or Beast from Beauty and the Beast, kids like so much ❤️).

You can view more about this project in Meu Mundo Mágico (My Magic World in english) instagram.

Why this page then?

As I saw above, I don’t need donations, but other people yes. Then I have this space where I receive donations and redirect to social projects in Brazil that help this people.

If you see some mine library, project, code, article, talks, etc, and think you deserve some financial support, do it! I will receive this and redirect as I saw above and share here the receipt (yes, I like transparency), the place or organization that received this money for you know about that (and help with transation if necessary).

Other reason for this is that we, as humans, can’t do anything alone, if today I’m considered a great Software Engineer or IT Professional, that receive a good salary, that receive much job offers, that do talks, isn’t only my conquest, but is from all people that was with me since the zero mark. Help people that needs is a way to honor all help that I received from all.

If you have more questions about this, feel free to contact me, my contact options are in Contact.

Today I’m receiving donations at PayPal at link